Managing Misconduct in the #MeToo Era

Participants will learn:

  • The Psychology of perpetrators and targets of fraud and sexual misconduct

  • Clues manipulation may be happening in your organization

  • Tips to protect against false accusations

  • How decent folks slip into inappropriate relations or offend others

November 7, 2019, 9-11am, Holiday Inn- Round Rock - $90/participant


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Defeating Abuse of Power - Learn the Psychology of serial abusers of power to prevent fraud and sexual misconduct

The headlines of business and political leaders who abused their power for personal gain have become a regular occurrence. The psychological toll and financial consequences for those left in the wake of such abuses in the workplace can be devastating. The patterns in these cases can teach us how to protect ourselves, vulnerable colleagues, and the organizations themselves from covert ways that abuse of power happen in the workplace. In this presentation, Stephanie will share her personal experience, academic research, and original models to illuminate areas of liability, shame, and blame.


Driving Organizational Change

Likely, you checked the Math to make sure your facility move, new software system, or acquisition was going to make or save your business money. Organizational changes can look good on paper but fail to deliver on the promise of increased profits or savings if the people impacts aren’t considered and managed. For your initiative to work, you’ll likely need some combination of employees, customers and suppliers to stop doing something and start doing something else. In this presentation, Stephanie will share a blend of academic theory and practical tools for addressing the tactical and emotional aspects of organizational change.

  • April 15, 2019 - Austin High Tech Roundtable (invitation only)


Own Your Future, a Strategic Planning Retreat

Your business is surviving, but at what cost to your mind, body, and relationships? A catalyst enables a significant business reaction to proceed at a faster rate or under different conditions than otherwise possible. Are you ready for a catalyst in achieving an amazing, not-too-distant future?


“Start to finish” 2-day strategic planning workshop for a fraction of the cost that big businesses pay for this exact program. You and your business thought partner will develop a compass for running your business.  First-time participants will have support to create work products from scratch. Past participants will revisit and refresh their work products with advanced exercises.

  • Clarify your IDENTITY


  • Analyze the CURRENT STATE

  • Set near-term GOALS

  • Select STRATEGIES to achieve them

  • Create an ACTION PLAN with tasks and dates

When and WHere:

January 21 and 22, 2020

Round Rock, Texas

Cost Per Business: 

Investment of $750 includes retreat tuition and materials, beverages, breakfast, lunch & afternoon snacks. Additional participants may join for $150.

Here’s what previous participants had to say about the OYF retreat:

  • This was awesome and has definitely helped us focus our efforts!

  • The goal setting techniques are very empowering.

  • Great balance of time management and flexible flow. Group instruction and sharing, private quiet time, and one-on-one time with you. You balanced all of our needs.

  • You were generous with time and attention. I appreciated that you shared additional concepts and tools as we needed them. The Hartman Performance Diamond was great for thinking about employee issues.

  • Good stories and examples. I loved the charts and drawings too.

  • The materials were fantastic. I’m a fan of big paper and colored markers! The color coded notebook and emailed templates for us to fill in were super.

  • Thank you, Stephanie for helping us set doable goals for our business and to get organized to achieve them. We sure will miss you in Hood River but know Austin is gaining!

  • I’ve done this retreat several years now. I can always count on you to push me to think outside the box regarding goals and supporting actions.

  • Your workshop brought clarity and purpose to my business goals. I now have a plan for action that is achievable. I wish I had done this 5 years ago! Thank you, Stephanie!


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Mastering Workplace Conversations

Do you avoid difficult conversations with employees until it’s too late? Or does communicating with certain co-workers drive you bananas? Or perhaps you miss opportunities to boldly share your ideas.

When I started my coaching and consulting practice, I made it my mission to make corporate tools accessible to small businesses. In that spirit, I developed a class to help leaders more confidently navigate the most common tricky workplace communications. In this 3-hour program, you will learn the top lessons that have made the biggest difference for leaders who I have coached over the past 20 years in a variety of industries such as aerospace, agriculture, manufacturing and retail. This program offers a blend of self-discovery and practical tools. Learn the Psychology behind effective communication and master your conversations with customers, employees and vendors.

September 22, 2020 - 9am-Noon, Greater Austin area location TBD, $90.  


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