Shift from chaos to calm and enjoy your business success.


Big company management tools accessible to the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker. 

Work through tricky issues — self-doubt, employee drama, time management, and more — so you can enjoy the fruits of your business success.

Make a plan to achieve your inspiring dream

5 Steps to a Sustainable Workload and Income

Address your most pressing management challenges

Protect against workplace fraud and sexual misconduct

Many businesses are born of passion, ingenuity, and the desire to make a meaningful contribution. Few are begun with a complete business plan in place or fully developed leadership skills to navigate the dynamics of growth.

You might be awesome at your craft but maybe not so hot with the business stuff. Maybe you weren’t expecting to have to manage people and that can get tricky! Or you don’t know if you can handle more success because the amount you have now is pretty stressful. Or you might have a pretty good picture of how you want your business to be but no idea how you’ll get it there, especially when you’re so busy putting out fires all day.

Feeling frazzled and rudderless in your business creates a huge ripple effect that expands across marriages, families, friendships, and finances. It doesn’t have to be that way!

With a plan for growth, the skills to manage people, and support systems in place, businesses work much better, make much more money, and can offer a comfortable and energizing work environment. More importantly, when you’re controlling your business instead of it controlling you, there is no more spillover of stress into home-life disaster.

Catalyst's support, based in the disciplines of Organization Development and Consulting Psychology, helps you bring your gifts into the world in a bigger way. You will gain the confidence to fully become the role model you aspire to be for your friends and family. You’ll learn how to manage the guilt, and overwhelm that seems inherent with business ownership with practical tools for managing yourself and your team. And you’ll find renewed inspiration in your business backed by a doable strategy for achieving your vision without sacrificing your personal time, integrity, or sanity.


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