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For more than 20 years, Stephanie Hartman has provided Leader, Team and Organization Effectiveness support to large and small businesses in wide ranging industries such as technology, government and defense, financial services, restaurants and home services.

Early in her career, she worked at international aerospace and defense firm and led a team of consultants specializing in Organization Effectiveness. There she honed her ability to move fluidly among conversations with engineers, executives, and human resources to become a bridge between technical challenges and people matters. Stephanie was sought out to coach executives, align team members, and facilitate strategic planning.

As president of Catalyst Consulting, Stephanie has adapted planning and team development methods typically used in corporate settings for practical use by small businesses. In addition, she has developed models and tools that allow her clients to make sense of the nonsense. They are able to resolve employee and business challenges and achieve incredible levels of personal and professional performance. Stephanie is great at staying present with people in emotionally-charged situations and loves helping people gracefully handle sticky issues with employees, customers and partners.

She speaks to groups and works with business leaders on topics ranging from:

  • Respectfully addressing employee performance problems

  • Improving team dynamics

  • Developing strategies to achieve near and long term goals

  • Driving a major organizational change (e.g. facility move, merger)

  • Ending abuse of power in the workplace including bullying and sexual misconduct

Stephanie has a Master of Science degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Lamar University and a Bachelor’s in Psychology with special study in Human Resources from St. Mary’s University.

I’m Your Coach

  • Could you use someone not in your family or your business to console you, celebrate with you or give you a sanity check? I’m your coach.

  • Need a cheerleader, sounding board or a swift kick in the pants? I’m your coach.

  • Ready for someone to call you on your crap with love and grace? I’m your coach.