About Catalyst Consulting

I support small businesses in a wide range of industries such as:

  • Producers of beer, wine and spirits

  • Restaurants

  • Health and wellness for both people and pets

  • Home services

  • Manufacturing and

  • Fellow coaches and consultants

One day I might be out at a client’s farm in the morning facilitating a conversation on team member responsibilities and back at the office in the afternoon help the local brewery plan it’s expansion. While my clients are diverse, the common thread is small business owners who are thinking anything but small. They have big dreams, big expectations, and sometimes big stresses about how to bring their vision into the world without sacrificing their sanity. They are great at their craft and recognize the value of having outside professional help to develop their leadership skills and strategize for success.

In addition to tangible deliverables like a strategic plan, a solid revenue model, or a high producing team, with Catalyst Consulting you’ll also get cheerleading and accountability. A sounding board for ideas and a shoulder to lean on. Celebrations of wins and frank truth about the tough stuff—all delivered with love and generosity.