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Get your team aligned, inspired, and working together

Leader and Organization Development Program

Based on the findings in a Leader and Organization Assessment, a custom plan for 12 work sessions is created to address the business' most pressing challenges. These sessions tend to be a blend of coaching (helping the leader better leverage strengths and work through beliefs and assumptions that are not serving them), training, and in some cases facilitated work sessions that include other organizational members. The program is typically completed over 6 months.

Topics range from time management, addressing employee performance and team dynamics challenges, preparing for big transitions (growth, retirement, sale of business, merger), hiring and employee review practices. Following the 12 sessions, interviews are conducted again to assess progress.  

Post-program maintenance support is available monthly, quarterly or as needed.


What People Are Saying

"Thank you so much for all of your support in helping me grow as a business owner and a leader. Your coaching and classes have provided me with the tools and skills necessary to recognize problems, to deal with various situations, and to create a successful business and team."  Dr. Anne Maichel, My Family's Pet Doctor

“You have been a tremendous asset to EAI and Bill’s development as a CEO. The Board members of EAI have certainly noticed it in the company's results, employees and customers. We appreciate your involvement. It appears we have another exciting year ahead of us. “ Gregory Boudreau, Board Member



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