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Hartman Business Maturity Model

There are common failures or pitfalls business owners experience at each phase of business. For some, those pitfalls are business-ending. For others, though the business may survive, what it required of the business owner had damaging results to their health and important relationships. Small business owners can have a balanced life and keep their businesses afloat if they see the pitfalls before they befall them or quickly escape once identified.


Hartman Performance Diamond

In my coaching and consulting work, I often help leaders who struggle to address employee performance issues. I created this model to help my clients consider the 4 main categories of performance breakdowns, in a logical order, to understand the source of issue and then work to support the employee to be successful.


Hartman System Elements Model

A systems model to aid in considering the affect of various aspects of your organization on overall performance.


Hartman Performance Architecture Model

A framework to map improvement activities to the business results they are intended to achieve.