Take two AWESOME pills and call me in the morning

I’m back from a Consulting Psychology conference in sunny San Diego. In addition to geeking out with fellow coaches and consultants, swapping notes on the latest tools and research, I swallowed a double dose of “wow, my life is awesome.” I realized that all my peers in the field are travelling like maniacs and are tethered to their smart phones like oxygen masks. Yuck.

I won’t lie. There is some glamour of traveling internationally and working with giant, well-respected corporations. Much more important to me though is that I get to skinny-down my favorite highfalutin corporate tools and concepts for really great small business owners, whom I LOVE!

Regular note-swapping with respected peers on what’s working, what’s not and a reminder to celebrate your awesomeness is critical to any entrepreneur’s success. Whether it is with one other business owner or in a mastermind group, here are some suggested areas to review… 

  • How well are you taking care of yourself? (eating well, exercise, decent rest)
  • What about prioritizing and managing your time? Anything you can chuck off your TO DO list and free that mental energy?
  • What are you doing for marketing and sales? How’s that going for you?
  • Are you in love with the mix of work you’ve got or the customers you serve? If not, what can you shift?
  • How well are you achieving your goals?

If you have a business accountability partner our group, what topics do you discuss?