What's Your "Low Barrier to Entry" Offering?

If you provide a service that is perceived by your prospective customers as: costly and/or having the potential to expose vulnerability (like seeing some weakness, seeing their finances, or seeing them naked), I highly recommend creating a smaller version of your offering that gives them an opportunity to get to know you as a service provider with less risk.

My classes and workshops are my “Low Barrier to Entry” offering. They are offered at a relatively low cost, typically $90 for a 3-hour program. In these, participants get valuable information, inspirations and insights, and they have an opportunity to see if they are interested in engaging me for something more substantial like a Leader Coaching or Strategic Planning program, an Accountability group, or a private training or retreat for their organization.

I’d love to hear your ideas on low barrier to entry offerings that you’ve tried or considered trying in your business.