Everybody Needs a Support System

As the lone employee of my own fledgling business and business coach to others in a similar spot, I am struck with the irony of how hard we are working to grow our networks, in service of growing our business yet often we feel so alone. Most business owners spend time at networking events making connections in hopes of new clients. This is as it should be.

Much less often done, but as important, is taking the time to cultivate professional relationships with a support system of like-minded business owners. I highly recommend that all small business owners develop some type of accountability group. I know many people who truly benefit from being part of a Masterminds type group. If you know the folks to pull together and have the where-with-all to facilitate it yourself, that is fantastic!

If you’d like to learn about the two accountability groups I’ll be facilitating starting in 2013, let me know. One is for Small Business Entrepreneurs (>3yrs in biz and have employees). The other is for Start-Up Service Provider Solopreneurs (<3yrs in biz, no employees, offering is better described as a service than a product).