Why Your Employee Training Isn't Working

Gone are the days when employees are just glad to have a job and will do whatever the boss says without any question. If your employee isn’t meeting performance expectations, it is your job to uncover why. Some managers explain the task that needs to get done, only to become disenchanted with the lack luster way the employee does the task….if they do it at all.

Instead of jumping straight to punishment or training, I suggest 4 areas to explore and in this order. I call this my Performance Diamond.

1) Expectation Clarity - Are the performance expectations clear? Perhaps you’ve explained as clearly as you know to do but perhaps have not checked for understanding.

2) System for Success - Are the operational systems set up for successful performance? Sometimes processes, tools and workload are unreasonably cumbersome, even for a superhero. Training isn’t going to help.

3) Competence - Does this employee possess the knowledge, skills, abilities and confidence to do the job? If not, then training, coaching, mentoring or practice can help.

4) Motivation - Is the employee motivated to achieve the performance expectations? Perhaps the employee needs to see how the task supports something that is of concern to him. I’ve seen a business owner explain to an employee the importance of following a particular process in terms of the efficiency that would be improved. Since the employee is motivated by customer care, the business owner had to rephrase the need to follow the process in terms of how that would enable employees to provide better customer care. Then she was motivated and followed the process.